AI-NET-PROTECT will provide solutions and new technologies for the automation of network infrastructure and edge-computing to enable better runtime operation, optimized utilization of its resources and lower operational cost. As a result, we will enable new and better services running on top of the base infrastructure, taking full advantage of 5G capabilities.

Industrial property rights and new or improved products resulting from the project are clear evidence of the economic importance of AI-NET and AI-NET-PROTECT. It is expected that the novel solutions now being developed in AI-NET-PROTECT will in a few years’ time form core functions of network and network management solutions, without which they will no longer be competitive. For SMEs, AI-NET offers, among other things, the potential to offer new software solutions and services and to constantly expand their customer base through new contacts.

Positions and standards have a much greater impact when they are promoted together in consortia. In addition to position papers, AI-NET-PROTECT plans to contribute to standardization bodies such as ETSI, ITU-T, IEEE, IETF, OIF and ONF. Open platforms for the development of hardware and software also play an increasingly important role. AI-NET plans to participate in OCP, TIP and Linux Foundation Networking projects such as ONAP and ODL. Demonstrations within the sub-projects, between the sub-projects and with partners and projects outside AI-NET not only help to bring innovative solutions to application maturity, but also to gain important feedback from practical network operation. For this purpose, AI-NET-PROTECT will also use the Open SDN & NFV Lab Berlin, which was successfully launched in SENDATE, as a demonstration platform and further develop it with its own solutions.

With publications, master and PhD theses, not only scientific results will be achieved, but at the same time the young talents will be supported, which are urgently needed to maintain and strengthen the technical sovereignty in Europe in the field of communication technology.

Publications in conferences and journals, and presentations and keynotes at industry events are also an important lever of the collaboration project to gain a high visibility and establish thought leadership in Europe. Demonstrators at events will highlight technical achievement and power of AI/ML technology for network automation. Our objective is to carry out joint demos between sub-projects for relevant solutions and technologies, where this is possible and adds value to the solutions. Primarily this is to be done within technology working groups.

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